Utrecht (The Netherlands), 15 April 2021 – Cohedron, full-service provider in the social domain for municipalities in the Netherlands, acquires Even Werkt!, the specialist in public affairs. Even Werkt! supports, motivates and advises Dutch municipalities on improving the quality of their service and providing the right people and knowhow. The company supports the implementation of development and related ancillary processes while boosting existing knowledge and skills. Even Werkt! offers related courses at its own Academy, as well as customised coaching and training programmes.

Since Argos Wityu became a shareholder of Cohedron in 2017, the company has conducted an active buy-and-build strategy, with Even Werkt! counting for the 11th acquisition. Cohedron is now a company generating revenue of more than €120 million and employing more than 1,800 people.

Jeroen Ekkel, CEO of Cohedron “We are delighted that Even Werkt! has joined us as they are the number one market provider when it comes to municipalities’ public affairs activities. Bringing in-house expertise will help us achieve our goal of providing municipalities with the best possible outsourcing, secondment and consultancy services. By creating intensive collaboration between Even Werkt! and Langhenkel-Talenter, we will expand the service portfolio offered to municipalities. Cohedron will become an even more valuable additional partner for our clients.”

Herwin Zwijgers, Director of Even Werkt! “I am proud to say that Cohedron’s acquisition of Even Werkt! gives our team the wings it deserves. Making Even Werkt! part of the Cohedron group improves the career advancement opportunities of its employees, expands the range of services offered to clients and ensures that the Even Werkt! Academy too can continue to develop and expand its portfolio.”

Navarre acted as advisor to the shareholders of Even Werkt!